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Tips to keep your hair shiny & gorgeous this summer

by Rachel Fernandes |

Summer is approaching and although everyone loves the sunlight, it often takes quite the toll on a woman’s prized possession, her mane. All women need to take care of their hair, whether they wear scarves or not.

Hair tends to get dry, dull and lifeless during the summer season. It tends to bleach hair to a lighter shade and hence coloured hair tends to get further damaged. So we need to protect our hair and keep it pretty and lustrous. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Use a leave in conditioner/oil

Hair care tip- leave in conditioner

In the Middle East countries, the sun as well as the air conditioning system causes the hair and scalp to become extremely dry. It is a must to use a leave in conditioner or non-greasy hair oil to nourish and moisture hair. Also one must stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water so that hair receives required nutrients.

Shampoo and condition well

shampoo hair care tip

Women must know their hair type and accordingly use the right shampoo and conditioner. To maintain coloured hair, use a colour protecting shampoo. Also for scanty hair, one should ideally use a lighter conditioner and for thicker hair, opt for a coarse conditioner. Don’t over shampoo, as this will once again lead to dry hair as it strips the natural oils.

Get a hair treatment

Hair treatment

Apart from doing various things at home to keep your hair shiny, this summer make sure to get a hair treatment once a week. Depending on the problem area for your hair, opt for a deep conditioning or hot oil massage to stimulate and enhance your hair growth. Once a day, also try and massage your head for a few minutes, in order to lubricate the scalp.

Tackle dandruff with soothing products

Tackle dandruff

Often when hair gets dry due to humid weather, dandruff sets in and irritates the scalp. For this, make use of lemon products or other home remedies. Women can also try using rosemary or a cooling shampoo and product. This will help ease the itching and slowly get rid of a flaky scalp.

Use SPF products

SPF products for hair

Avoid using too many products on your hair, as it will only lead to more damage. But if you need to, go in for products that have UV protection as this can protect your hair from the harsh sun rays. Stay away from the blow dryer or heating gadgets and instead mildly towel dry and let your mane dry naturally.  Use a good hair mask or natural ingredients on hair to infuse moisture into your locks.

Get a regular trim

Trim hair regularly

Get a regular hair trim and haircut, once in 2-3 months, so as to get rid of split ends. This will also aid in new hair growth and can add a new look to your hairstyle. Keep your hair clean and tidy, so that it stays healthy and shiny all through the summer season.

These tips will keep your hair in good form and you won’t lose sleep over hair fall.



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