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Fashionable outfit combinations for young modest hijabis

by Rachel Fernandes |

The young hijabi women are keen to explore their own style statements and adopt a fair balance between modern and modest. In the Middle East, South East Asia and even Europe, Muslim girls are donning their scarves with a funkier, western meets eastern style. Here are some of the popular trends that hijabistas and modest fashion bloggers have been sporting.

Hijabs and trousers

Pants have become a staple clothing item in the young modest woman’s world since it offers complete coverage. They prefer to wear it with longer and looser tops that are comfortable but yet stylish. The trousers are generally colour co-ordinated with their hijab to provide a stylish look. Belts are looped on the outer side and worn with a jacket or cardigan.

hijab and trousers


Scarves and long skirts

The trendy Muslimah enjoys wearing long maxi skirts with blouses and head scarves. There are several skirt styles to explore, from fitting to flare and even wrap around skirts. The hijabers have been showing off their tulle and pleated skirts with funky denim or leather jackets. Skirts are paired in interesting colour combinations with vibrant tees or tops.

scarves and maxi skirts


Head Scarf and denims

Denim jeans are the evergreen outfit in every modest girl’s wardrobe. When in doubt, simply throw on a pair of blue or black denim jeans along with a comfy blouse. When heading out for long durations, for an event, picnic or on the road, it is the most cosy and adaptable outfit to choose. The denim jeans are the most versatile as you can pair it with any colour, printed or embellished head scarf and it looks fantastic.

turban and denims


Sheila and over coats

The winter season is the best time to sport the hijab along with super cool over coats. The modest women can explore different length coats and jackets. From the modern trench, long cardigans to suit jackets, they all look tres chic. The young girls like to add fashionable accessories such as a belt to give their coats a funky twist. The pretty sheilas in pops of bright colours add a spark to their look.

Scarves and Over coats


Hijab and maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are extremely popular with modest dressers as they are stylish, trendy and provide good covering. Maxi gowns can also be worn for various occasions, a formal style for weddings and the more casual ones for evening wear. Their cool quotient can be upped with fancy prints like stripes, geometric, floral, plaid and even lace and stone work. Many hijabers choose to portray the gowns along with a loose fitting cardigan.

turban and maxi dress


Modest young women wear these outfits as they enjoy depicting a contemporary style. They want to explore diverse ensembles but yet keep it elegant, modest and classy. This fresh fashion is paired with chic handbags, flattering shoes and vibrant accessories.


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